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We are the new generation of game producers. We combine art and science to design smart games for all the family.

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

What We Do

We believe that games are the future of communication between people. Our goal is to anticipate those trends to invent tomorrow's apps.

Our team brings together the best skills from the gaming industry.

Designers, developers, marketers, art directors work together to give life to unique mobile concepts internationally.

Our Ambition

You got a project? We can achieve the most ambitious applications through the most rigorous production methodology in the industry. Feel free to contact us, we love to share our vision of the mobile world.

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid

Come Play with Us

Join the future of gaming and start your adventure today.

Video games have generated over $100 billion in revenue last year. If you are thinking about joining the future of gaming, now is the time. Start your journey today and apply for one of our open positions.

3d model of a human-machine hybrid

Open Positions

Game Creative

The Game Creative is responsible for designing and writing video games. This includes coming up with the game's story, setting, and characters. It also includes creating a game's graphics and sound effects.

Mobile Marketer

The Mobile Marketers are responsible for driving mobile app downloads and in-app purchases for a mobile gaming company. They are accountable for the marketing plans, strategies, and execution of marketing campaigns.

Game Analytics

The game analytics team is responsible for monitoring and analyzing player behavior, identifying areas of improvement, and balancing the game, and also provides data for marketing initiatives and helps with the development of new games.

Game R&D

The Game R&D Manager is responsible for managing the game development process, including overseeing the production of new games and managing the pipeline of games in development.

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